Will Entertainment Ever Rule the World?


What could be thought of as the ultimate question to ask? Some point to the world today and others point to something from the imagination. My personal answer would have to be that entertainment will rule the world sooner or later in the years to come. The best examples can be found today with technology and how they are spreading the world. Now, to be sure, these technological innovations aren’t going to affect every sphere of our lives, so it may be okay for some people. However, it is the impact this may be on one’s life or family that really has my attention. Entertainment has just about been around all that has been happening all day today through news and social media. With everything that we have heard about it and the barrage of computer screens we consume, it is easy to conclude, you should stop reading and check something else while watching a show. This is certainly an exciting question to ponder even if you won’t want to jump into an abyss that can be quite frustrating as well. What is the ultimate question?

Many people have a deep love for the productions that we still today pay to see quality shows in the theater. Today many of them are being followed and/or owned by the rich as those who cannot afford a nice restaurant won’t get to watch them in most movie theaters. Over the years, as technology evolved, we’ve been introduced to this watching in an airplane. As time goes on, we’ve also come to Google glasses, one of which now sends a message to other nearby people and it beeps just like a phone, and it’s in our pockets at any time we’re watching television. Today, you can ask any of your friends, family, or spouse, or whoever whether it’s just a phone call or a text message. They will tell you it’s all the same thing. An example of what television would be like to them would be to see a story from “Archer” or other raunchy shows on Adult Swim. They wouldn’t have an issue at all because that’s what they see every night over and over and over again as well as a pre-roll of coffee they pick up before going to bed. Technology with today’s advancements has gotten to a point where entertainment just works for the audience. This has also led to younger generations now viewing their favorite and/or now aging shows on Hulu as they are airing on the television. Now, as technology progresses, it is unclear how long this will last.

These innovations would surely bring the entertainment industry to a new level. I say “new level” because much of this would be done during the nighttime only airing. I am thinking that someday a glass-top television screen may be placed in a dining area where people can take their drinks with their food. They can enjoy watching whatever they want or just talk to their friends as they order their food. Everyone can enjoy what they want, and they are the product of their age. This could be revolutionary because now, everyone has the same goal. The people that purchase it will be able to control it more easily with an app on their phones. What does this mean? Someone won’t have to watch a full episode of “Archer” just to be able to enjoy the movie of the same name on a streaming service. This is mind-boggling. Imagine to yourself, the entire world at your fingertips? Pretty soon, people are saying, you would be able to enjoy more modern movies and shows on Hulu for a fraction of the cost of the one shown on a cable or satellite service provider. Or maybe Netflix. This just leaves no doubt that entertainment will rule the world.

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