Can You Travel With A Bench Warrant


Have you thought about a trip? Hold a second if you have outstanding legal issues, which means bench warrant mark. These pop-ups appear when a person misses a courtroom date if an urgency occurs.

While you might dream of island hopping, traveling with a warrant is a major headache. When you travel, you encounter numerous government agencies like TSA and local law enforcement. These agencies run your name through databases to discover any outstanding warrants. Before booking that flight, let’s unpack the risks on time.

About Bench Warrant

A bench warrant is a legal document issued by the court judge that deals with a person’s arresting stage. It is an issue when you are not appearing in the courtroom on a specific date after receiving an order.

Once the warrant is issued against you, the law enforcement authority has the right to arrest the person, just like a regular warrant. The sudden emergency may happen during traffic, routine checks, or at the person’s home. In case you are arrested due to a bench warrant, you may proceed to jail.

Are You Allow to Travel with a Bench Warrant?

Technically, no specific law stops you from flying domestically with a bench warrant, but authorities can stop you from taking international flights. It’s a red flag; you may pass the airport customs line or a customs officer may stop you from entering your destination.

However, it’s a gamble you might not want to take. The TSA could flag the warrant during screening, and airlines deny boarding if they suspect you are skipping out on your court date.  Best bet? Clear the warrant before your trip to avoid any travel troubles.

Where Can I Travel with a Bench Warrant?

You can travel anywhere with your bench warrant, but there is a risk, which may be a major obstacle to reaching your travel goals at the airport. Security staff and law-enforcement personnel are on high alert at airports and may check for warrants as part of routine background checks.

For domestic flights, the US state authorities do not take legal action. But if you are on a warrant line issued by a judge, consult your airline and local law enforcement authorities about the entry to your destination before booking.

However, if you travel internationally, your name will likely come up in various databases, and there’s a risk that the law-enforcement agency in the country where you are travelling will pick up on an outstanding warrant and arrest you upon arrival.


Do airports check warrants for international flights?

Well, airports do not actively search for warrants on international flights because it’s not a regulatory demand. The staff only focuses on passenger safety. But if the airport security investigates you, it may be a red flag case, and your information may go out against the database.

What is the Risk if You Have a Warrant?

Here is a list of bench warrant risks that you must check before booking a flight:

  • Arrest
  • Jail time
  • Increased Difficulty in Daily Life
  • Impact on Employment and Housing
  • Higher bond amount
  • Reputation damage
  • Escalation of charges

Can you leave your country with a warrant and say bye forever?

No, you can’t leave your country on a forever chance because a bench warrant is an arrest order issued by a judge that stays valid nationwide until it’s resolved. However, if you try to leave your country, the chances of being arrested at the airport or borderline are high.

Why would a bench warrant be issued?

The reason is skipping a court date, and you will go to another city for your purpose. However, violating court rules also triggers a bench warrant, which is bad for your records.

Does TSA check for warrants?

TSA doesn’t check warrants for local United States citizens. However, they request that the immigration authorities give access to the state crime database to confirm any warrants on the person traveling. Therefore, you should not travel with an existing warrant.

Are you allowed to travel on domestic flights with a warrant?

Yes, you can travel, but if TSA checks the database and your database pop-up against a warrant, you might be arrested. Otherwise, their main focus is to provide safety and security to the people.

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