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Blackberry Phones? People convert BlackBerry to iPhone

One of the most iconic devices of the 2000s, the Blackberry phone was a handheld email machine and a mobile internet browser that allowed users to get work done on the go. Unfortunately, the company which made the device, Research In Motion, went bankrupt in 2012, putting a lot of jobs at risk. The device lives on, however, in the smartphones that are Blackberry's spiritual successors, the Blackberry Android phones.

The BlackBerry is a phone that has been around for a long time, with a loyal following. They are known for their physical keyboards, which make them very good for typing emails and texts, and they are also still popular with business users who want to be able to write emails and memos on the go. The main downside to using a BlackBerry is that they are pretty old school, and as such are a bit limited when it comes to modern-day features. That being said, for a lot of people, this is actually a positive, as it means that a BlackBerry is more likely to be reliable, and is likely to be able to do the basics, without too many bells and whistles that you'll never use.

Short Brief of Blackberry

The BlackBerry company began in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada in 1984 by Mike Lazaridis, Douglas Fregin

From the start, the company's goal was to build a communications device that would be as durable as it was efficient. The result was the Blackberry, the world's first keyboard-less smartphone. The Blackberry was born when Mike Lazaridis set out to create what he called "the indestructible phone." His goal was to make it less likely for people in hazardous workplaces to lose their connection.

"BlackBerry" can be traced back to one man’s vision and tenacity: Mike Lazaridis. 

His invention of a device with e-mail and push technology transformed the cellular phone industry and created a new category of wireless communications. The Blackberry phone was born when Lazaridis set out to create what he called “the indestructible phone” in an effort to make it less likely for people in hazardous workplaces to lose their connection.

In 2000, Lazaridis started an effort to build a new phone. 

The team created the world's first keyboard-less mobile phone, the Blackberry. 

He went on to lead the company until 2004. His innovation led to the creation of the world's first smartphone.

BlackBerry was the first company to make smartphones that were both a phone and a PDA, and they have been a major player in the mobile device industry ever since. The company's first product was the Blackberry, which was originally designed to be a business tool. However, its innovative design and ease of use caught the attention of consumers, and the device became a hit. The Blackberry was the first mainstream smartphone, and it set the standard for the future of the mobile device industry.

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Convert BlackBerry to iPhone

One of the biggest culture changes that happened for people to switch from Blackberry to iPhone is that the iPhone is more personal. They personalized their screens, keyboards, shapes, etc. 

The other reason why people are switching is that BlackBerry has become very vulnerable to hacking. Hackers have found ways to infiltrate the products so they are easy to take over. Many phone carriers require phones to be encrypted for firewall protection but even these can be hacked. They are not as safe as you think they are at this point in time.

When you have a smartphone it plays a significant role in your day-to-day activity, so it’s important that you find one that matches your needs.

Due to the new update on BlackBerry 10, many companies are contemplating on switching to the iPhone. 

Anyone considering this move was set on happening after Jan. 31, 2013, when BlackBerry 10 launched. But now, with BlackBerry 10 adding more features that go against what some of their customers find important, many companies are back on the fence.

It is said that these revised updates will keep businesses on BB10 for another year, but if even one company decides to switch over it will be viewed as a failure by them. 

Some of the features I am referring to include Lack of integration with Facebook, YouTube, or Skype; only two calendar apps; browser crashing routinely; no memory docking station available...

I personally think people will still convert because they want to use what is considered the best system on the market and stay ahead of their game for professional reasons. 

What’s the big deal with BlackBerry, the company that everybody used to love? They’re in trouble. lots of people in North America are converting their BlackBerry devices to iPhones--joining an ignominious club of prematurely displaced Blackberry addicts.

But what is causing people to make the switch? It all started in 2010 when Apple introduced the iPhone 4, with its famous Siri App.

Brands need to keep up with the times and be relevant to their target - which just isn't happening for Blackberry right now.

"It would be hard for me to go out and buy another Blackberry phone," explained one man who just switched to an iPhone 6S Plus, adding "It's time. Once a high-end device, BlackBerry has seen a rapid decline in sales as the iPhone became more popular. This blog will reveal to you a simple 3 step process that people convert from a BlackBerry to an iPhone. 

1) Consider the 'comfort factor

2) The reliability of your phone

3) The buying price

Our final step to converting from your BlackBerry phone to your new iPhone is the risk you would be taking as far as getting rid of all of those messages and contacts etc. And this is where our blog comes full circle because at the end of the day if we wouldn't recommend making the switch because it would be way too risky for your prospects and customers- then there really isn't any point.

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