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The World Top biggest political scandal of countries

In 2010, the Panama Papers scandal was one of the biggest political scandals in the world. It leaked 11.5 million files covering 2.6 terabytes of data.

The papers elaborate on the improper use of foreign tax havens by politicians and world leaders, including Vladimir Putin, his close allies of US President Donald Trump, athletes, government officials, and celebrities.

This was followed by a concerted effort to search for information that included cases within the data. There is no direct definition of what is meant by "coastal tax stations" Their legal status varies accordingly; however, the most common methods are that they are not subject to any one country.

once you live in what was once called the third world (Latin America, Africa, and Asia) once a week you hear something on tv with numbers like 7 or 8 digits (dollars, not counting decimal) and think: “that's it! How did it get to the news?

Let's talk about different countries with the Political Scandal

United States (MIC)

The American Military and Congressional Industrial Complex (MIC), which promoted the worst Presidential corruption in U.S. history, began with US Grant, followed by Rutherford Hayes (who had no control over it but not. , Chester Arthur did something about it but Mr. Arthur did not have enough time to finish the job), Benjamin Harrison (their tool), Wm. McKinnley (another tool) Warren G. Harding and his successor Calvin Coolidge (both participants), Ronald Reagan (an active participant and promoter), George W. Bush (another tool), and Donald J. Trump, the worst criminal in the history of United States


The Prime Minister alone has secured a multi-billion dollar contract from family friends who regularly pay their mother and brother for speaking in various negotiations. It turns out that the Minister of Finance is also very close to family friends. When the commotion broke out, he called on Parliament to dissolve the committees investigating the matter, claiming that the finance minister had resigned in a cover-up, claiming he wanted to lead the OECD.

The premier and this investigation are his third ethical investigation. He was found guilty by two others and continues to live.

Argentina (WPK)

The biggest political scandal, corruption, racism, exploitation, populism, drug trafficking, illegal arms deals, internal trade, if you can call it a shame, one or more Argentine politicians may have done it.

Things that in some countries have caused immediate dismissal from public service are considered jokes.

To give you a recent example, the "Intendente" (mayor of a large district near Buenos Aires) named Mario Ishii, was photographed agreeing to provide political protection against drug use by public health service ambulances, nothing happened.

Malaysian (2020 Political Crisis)

The 7th Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed has resigned as Prime Minister earlier this year to avoid handing over power to his successor, Anwar Ibrahim. Although he tried to gain the favor of gaining the support of MPs who did not support Anwar, in the end, he was ousted by his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin who managed to get enough support to be elected as the new Prime Minister. Mahathir was thrown out. Anwar, instead of being part of the government, is now back in the opposition. And Muhyiddin, despite trying to consolidate his power in this position, stands on a slippery slope because among his supporters are members of the former Baris Nasional alliance and have announced that their support for Muhyiddin will continue until the election. called. The power struggle is still raging!

Sweden (Toblerone affair)

In recent history, it may have been the Toblerone affair in 1995 when it was revealed that Labor Minister Mona Sahlin had bought two bottles of Toblerone chocolate using her government credit card. He was on the verge of succeeding as prime minister, but his political career was severely curtailed, and he was out of politics between 1995 and 1998.

Germany (Spiegel-Affair)

In Switzerland, the average domestic business with Francs was compared to dollars by the CEO of the Swiss national bank in 2011/2012. But left-wing players prefer to identify the P26 secret agency assigned to fight the Soviets in the event of a coup in 1990.


Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi saves a girl's ass as Mubarak's nephew may be on the top list.

Later, it was discovered that she was probably a prostitute, and offered her about 6 MLN euros.

South Africa

Former president Zuma robbed state institutions and made money very difficult!

He became president in 2009 and was first announced for the country in hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup. This was ridiculous, as we all later found out that he bribed the world sports commission to select our nation over others.

He sold our uranium to three Indian brothers: the Gupta Brothers, for coal to generate electricity.

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