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French Philosopher & Mathematician Émilie du Châtelet Life

Émilie du Châtelet was one of the first recognized female scientists. Born in Paris, 1706, Émilie inherited the title Marquise du Châtelet after the death of her father.

She was taught to read by her mother at age 7. She had an intellectual education, during which she proved herself to be far more accomplished than many of the men in her entourage. She became fluent in French, Italian, English, and Latin in addition to her studies of Greek and Hebrew. At 22, Émilie married the Marquis Florent Claude du Châtelet-Lamotte with whom she shared an intense intellectual companionship. Émilie was admitted to the Académie des Sciences as the first woman to hold such a position., she published a translation of Isaac Newton’s “Principia Mathematica.” She was the first woman to publish a scientific book in France and it was highly successful. She also began to give lectures on science, mathematics, and philosophy.

Émilie’s daughter, the Marquise du Châtelet-Lamotte, would later be a major contributor to mathematics.

What is Émilie du Châtelet Life?

Émilie du châtelet was a feminist who believed in the existence of the unseen, and the possible existence of a sacred spirit.

in 1725, her father, the marquis du châtelet, was living in Paris with his two wives. émilie was the only child of the two marriages. when the marquis died in 1731, émilie was mostly in love with her father’s son.

her father died in 1732 and a nurse, Mrs. d'Amboise, prepared her for the hand of the marquis. she was 11 and in her first year of school. in the fall of 1733, the marquis died. she lived in a hut, all by herself. she did not see anybody for about a year. she thought she was all alone in the world.

in the spring of 1734, Mrs. d'Amboise had the luck to be invited to her in-laws’ home in Paris.

Émilie was 25 and married to marquis Florent du châtelet in 1724. she was also a widow. he was 35. she was educated, very rich, and married to a great man. he was educated, had great knowledge, and married to a beautiful woman. they were both educated and had great knowledge.


Émilie was on a honeymoon with her husband, and on her first vacation with her husband, she took a trip with her mother to Strasbourg. they went there to visit her father, the marquis du châtelet.

she wrote a book about her father. she also wrote a book about the secrets of marriage. she had a completely high opinion of her husband.


in 1735, she was having a baby. her husband Florent was with her in the maternity ward, which was not a good place for a husband.

she gave start to a toddler pretty girl, who died. she died when she was 30 years old.

Émilie du Châtelet & Science

Émilie was the first woman to be a member of the French Academy of Sciences in 1733. she was also the first woman to be a member of the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres. 


in 1735, she became one of the first female professors in the country.


her first book was published in 1735, and it was about her father.

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she was also a philosopher. she wrote many books about philosophy, mathematics, and science.

This year, we’re celebrating the life and work of Émilie du Châtelet, the eighteenth-century French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher. Born in France, she was one of the first women in the Western world to earn a university degree. As a woman in a man’s world, she was faced with many challenges, but she overcame them all with intelligence, determination, and an incredible work ethic. 

was an 18th-century French philosopher, scientist, and writer. She was a leader of the Enlightenment and is best known for her work A Philosophical Dictionary, which was an attempt to categorize and systematize the vast amount of knowledge contained in the works of earlier philosophers and thinkers.

Émilie du Châtelet was a French polymath, often referred to as the First Woman Philosopher. She was also the first woman to receive a doctorate in France. She was one of the first women in France to lecture publicly and wrote books and essays on a variety of subjects, including philosophy, physics, and mathematics.

Émilie du Châtelet One of the most famous and accomplished women in the history of France, She was also, more than anything, a woman who achieved greatness on her own terms, without regard to prevailing social norms or expectations for women at the time.

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