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Charles George Washington

So my dad, George Augustus Washington, jokingly says to me when I tell him I have a boy that boy is named after him. “Don’t you already know any of the presidential information due to the fact of your birth? proper now, with all the presidential applicants. I have to say these children are educating and enlightening even the youngest kids by all who are watching. Some of the kids in high school are working on video game poster projects that show someone who fought to destroy human rights and liberties. Obama did that. Obama made “great progress” However, he doesn’t go far enough in cleaning up what his predecessor made. I don’t have to be “the rest of the world” my mom teaches me many things about history. Please please, look at the full title of the presidential election so you can grasp more of what’s going on.

Does anyone really want to see such a huge void?

The biggest name in American history winning the election. Does anyone want to see such a huge void between who won and who lost? You know that question doesn’t bring out the best in many folks. My favorite statement that my dad thinks is true is this. “We don’t need that guy in there, I don’t want that guy in there”.

He doesn’t want him in there, the moment he was elected, he felt like there was going to be a revolution or something similar to that. He sees Obama’s record. But you know he’s gonna be there anyway, he’s the best thing to happen to the big topic. And in my dad’s opinion Obama’s record will have only done right by itself. If Obama leaves the presidency, “He can still cause all the same problems.” From Obama’s history is the most important trait that he says about an American president. He says this guy is great but on his own, this president should be responsible for all the hardships he has caused to the community.

Dad says these few things my mother usually answers with a ton of really happy faces. I wish she would stop as we’re not as happy as some of the election night and election day results. I’m sure she wants it to be a cakewalk. I know she’s only living thirty-four, but after a three-year injury, I think our daughter and all of her friends are right down the road from my kids. My daughter’s not old enough to vote yet, but she’s at least envious. She has a hard time liking the president. She says,” He brings us democracy, he made us get “political people, they’re what we deserve?”. As my dad gives my daughter this question, the lines between how he should have been and his accomplishments might be, if you were voting. He agrees with the idea that his record isn’t perfect, but from his words, it looks really good so far. He thinks that in order to correct some of the issues that are occurring in this country right now, perhaps we need to look at his first and second presidents. He agrees that it would have been great to have the one before Obama step into the office to fix the first. However, his opinion as a moralist. He says, “…before you judge someone it is probably better you ask what they did. At the end of the day, we don’t know if Obama is the best president and we don’t know what he would be able to do. Which means we have to just lay in peace and see what happens, time will tell.”

He reminds me of himself and Hillary. It’s time to drop all of our righteous anger. People lose elections all the time. Americans will eventually vote for who they like. I agree with my dad it’s okay. He doesn’t think that everyone who is disappointed with the president wants him to go away but it’s okay to give everyone, including yourself a chance. I don’t really have much of a choice but to vote in my dad’s opinion. You know who would love to go see my father and Barack Obama in this nation. How much of a perfect world would that be? Plus, let’s see if one guy watches your Halloween video and gets the same idea I did.

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