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Theater life or Real Life

How are you able to entertain your audience?

How do you decide what to show or not? Why?

The Theater Life or Real Life

Most of the current most successful play companies are theatre-oriented. This has fueled the growth of theater companies in Australia. We thus have so many churches that run a theatre club. Some people think that the best way to entertain an audience is to run an organization or religious group. Theatre clubs, therefore, act as a club that runs an organization (National Centre for Performing Arts, 2013).

How do you stay on top of your game and your clients?

Managing theatre groups is like having to manage an organization. The organization we have is designed to run an organization (Watermark, 2007). In fact, the management of an organization is much more difficult than the management of an organization because the organization is a business. A theater club needs a fundraising and marketing technique which can be very difficult to achieve.

Your name is Erin and you run a theatre club. You are raising and planning a fundraising challenge so that you can bring in more dollars. The best way to raise funds is to use charitable organizations. There are many charitable organizations in our region. No matter where an organization belongs, every organization should find another charitable organization. One such event that can raise more money is to draw attention. Every publication should create awareness of the need for the fundraiser. It is easy to raise funds by bringing the right people together. Your name should be the reason for getting people involved in the fundraising or to be in charge of the fundraising. It is important that you do not depend on persons that you have to control.

How to achieve that?

There are many ways to do so. Depending on the nature of the activities of your organization, you can draw attention from your clients by running competitions. For instance, you can give each staff member a game piece and the audience gets to choose whose game piece each staff member can use to get prizes.

What ideas should you use to gather funds?

If you have a big club, make your marketing process public to the clients. The money needed will not be difficult to attract as the staff will most definitely approach the clients. For a smaller club, you should strive to start and run a special fundraiser. After it has been successful, you will be able to carry out your own. Be careful to note that in order to be able to run a fundraiser and have everything happen, your volunteers must be enthusiastic. If you run a fundraiser where you run it in full public, you will have people approach you. If you have a fundraiser that only attracts those who have your ticket details, only a small number of people will be attracted. If you are an institution that is engaged in charity events, then your funds should be received from those that are volunteering. If you are having a club with voluntary management, you can’t attract more money if you have volunteered staff. You should therefore choose a dedicated team (with integrity and a background of experience) to run the fundraising. When selecting the people for your fundraising team, you must take the suitability and evenness of the number of staff and volunteers into consideration. This should allow for the least risk to you, the organization, and the staff. If you are running a fundraising project with volunteers without volunteers in the team, then the project must have an appealing approach.

Your name is Sam and you are a manager in a theatre club. The club is run by Sam, who is setting a fundraising challenge. Sam decides to set up a Facebook page to lure people to become volunteers. The Facebook page will run for 3 months, where no volunteers will be able to subscribe to become a volunteer. Each member will be expected to donate $1000 of his earnings in the fundraising of your charity. By joining the Facebook page, he expects them to influence some of the volunteers, which will result in more money being collected.

How will you run a fundraising effort like this?

Volunteers should register for the Facebook page on the following terms:

The organization’s name

Sam’s name

Data that relates to their qualifications

The name of their organization

Any type of marketing that will be used to communicate with the audience

Implementation of the fundraising challenge on the Facebook page will take about 2 weeks. In this period, the members of the club will be tasked with networking, which will attract volunteers to contribute to the project. By the time the challenge ends, about $200,000 will have been donated to Sam’s club.

This project is a great opportunity to raise funds for the club. Sam should receive a big reward from Sam and the members of the club. Sam should ideally establish a relationship with Sam from his colleague who is a volunteer, who happens to be Sam’s friend. During the first 18 days of the challenge, Sam should set up a call center, which will be used to make direct contact with the

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