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Risk of drugs experiment with Youth

An experience from an interview with a young patient.

The risk of experimenting with new drugs means taking the chance of hurting yourself or others in a way and identifying which drugs do not cause toxic effects. Young people need to understand that the more they start experimenting with drugs more they are likely to grow up and start experimenting with drugs. A study has shown that drug experimentation in young people will have long-term negative effects.

A large amount of drug experimentation also comes from thoughts of trying something new, what people think is “cool” or “masculine”.

These are attitudes that a young person might still have after they grow up and start using drugs. Being a child, a young person will mainly experiment with drugs in their teenage years. They will experiment more with their teens and then start experimenting with drugs as their teens get older and their bodies change. During this period of time, the experiment becomes more frequent and more difficult to stop.

People who experiment with drugs are at an increased risk of harming themselves. They might cut their skin, accidentally overdose on drugs or accidentally overdose on drugs. If they do not feel safe to stop the experimentation they will continue. Young people will still experiment even if they are older. This is likely to continue until they have achieved something positive with the drugs in the experiment.

Some of the risks they face are increased from the time they start experimenting with drugs because of their age. From 13 to 17 they are at a higher risk of overdosing on drugs. Other situations that might occur such as when the person wears high-Carondelet tops which you don’t wear in the normal workplace, or when they are in a crowded on-campus establishment or a crowded train. The study showed that drug-associated harm comes from a variety of different causes. By being an adolescent is not an idea that may pass you by completely, even when it might seem harmless.

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