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Reality behind Hollywood Movies

The purpose of this writing is to answer the question "What is Reality?" In other words, “What is reality?” This question is of import to modern people who are trying to make it in this age. I believe you can only fully define Reality when you have knowledge of your immediate environment, your circumstances, and your creativity. Just as to not have the same doubts that I have, not being the stereotypical Hollywood critic, I can give you my definition of Reality. Reality is that which emerges from the content of your thoughts. In other words, “What I am thinking.”

I chose my definition precisely because it helps me become more critical of my own belief systems. In my current life, I have been in Hollywood for 15 years and am working for 90% of my life. Films have almost become a lifestyle for me, and I currently find myself in movies in my own life, making something that doesn’t entirely surprise me. I am always curious to see what’s behind the camera of my favorite films; what they believe in, how they shoot, and how they express how we interact in the world. Even though I leave movies only once they’re filmed, I enjoy the work that goes into filmmaking. Films are visual information that we are urged to consume by society. Films require us to have not just a high level of intellect, but also logical consistency to the storyline and tone of the film.

It doesn’t matter whether the film is a comedy or horror, it will sell itself as a tale of revenge, love, or war. These are some of the necessary psychological constructs that our audiences need to experience the story and ultimately allow their own creativity as they will bring the completion of the film. Regardless of the story, success depends on the willingness of your audience. Success, as we know, is ever sought; that’s why all stories seek to survive. There have been many articles about Hollywood, Hollywood’s elitism, and the way productions are promoted. In general, Hollywood films are not produced for a mass market. During most works, films are geared towards a specific niche market, such as the urban market, college market, the minority market, etc. Films are produced on a higher budget than the norm. The funds and time will go beyond what you’d see outside of Hollywood and have far greater goals.

Eisner’s business terms include “boldness and narcissism”. We tend to discover this as we come to understand how Hollywood production is the view. A common definition of Hollywood is that it is a business that disrupts the world, not so far removed from something like Hollywood Studios, since it is that business in a nutshell. However, I also believe that when we want to attempt to break out of the system, where the next movie is being produced, the industry itself creates Hollywood. But then we’re wondering what are the implications of Hollywood on a political aspect. We can begin to see the industry that films are built on, and how it has shaped and influenced people throughout history. The industry is always looking for more funds and ways to extend the film’s run time. I’m surprised I’m not surprised it’s become like a commodity these days in Hollywood; therefore we see films with great storytelling in the same way people take a liking to watch a movie they bought in the grocery store.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking fact that we live with is that there are more films to watch than we have time to watch. Films are being released every day. Just as I did with my own judgment, I can find my desire to watch a film, but the fact is most people don’t have time. A recent article in the New York Times suggests you have at least a few hours a day to watch something you’ve already watched and a few days a week you’re surrounded by a series of YouTube videos or an actual movie. This means that people are getting less of a sense of being entertained by films while working or going to school, thus creating an impulsive impulse in many of us. With films, we tend to take our three hours as an idly procrastination type of activity and it is due to these thoughts that films have conquered society. Films cause people to spend less time on everyday life and more time on watching movies and being absorbed by the narrative they want to be a part of. Therefore, we are going to find ourselves in another two movie theaters, and more times than not watch the same thing we saw last weekend in a different theater. And this is all a result of a false sense of entitlement and expectations. Before a film’s release, it is already proven by the marketing as their history of success in the past and we’re already a part of the system. This is what we would call Hollywood’s elitism.

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