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Politician Role in World Politics

What and who is politics? A politician is defined as a representative or representative who has the mandate to represent the people of the country. Many activities should occur in political organizations, like campaigns and elections, which is why political parties are there.

Politicians have political parties because their party collects all the people’s contributions and offers official support to political committees that are not affiliated with the government.

Therefore, it will argue that political parties are party activists. Some politically involved figures have become popular in a certain way. For example, Robert Churchill-Alexander, a European-European warrior and cousin of Napoleon III, was one of the citizens which voted against the French revolution and played an important part in the French Revolution.

Analyzing his role with its relation to politics, it can be understood why he became a citizen of France during the French Revolution. It is also important to emphasize that he voted against the revolution, but he recognized that the revolution had the potential to become a revolutionary movement that benefited the public. At that time, the people’s discontent was mainstreamed in all major political parties, but the rebellion of the people should be studied as a political matter. Thus, he helped revolution into a real and organized movement.

Noteworthy, many political figures were involved in the French Revolution differently. Some of the figures that contributed to the revolution included Jean-Paul Marat and Marie Curie. Being a personality that had no ties to any political party, even though he contributed to the revolution, he played a vital role in the rebellion of the people during the French Revolution.

Politics Work of  Robert Churchill-Alexander

Robert Churchill-Alexander also worked as a political figure. At that time, he was the advisor to Louis Relevance and Louis Pasquale. It is a fact that King Louis was considered among the top politicians in France, and his entourage was to many influential. This means that Robert Churchill-Alexander plays a vital role as the prophet. He used his vast knowledge, much more than any other citizen, to survey the effect of the French revolution. Moreover, his message is very important and strong to read.

In addition, he is the representative of a private citizen because, in addition to his effort to develop the revolution, he also viewed the revolution as the people’s power to fight for their interests. Thus, people need a person, with knowledge and intelligence, to lead, critique, and inspire them. It can be accepted that Robert Churchill-Alexander understood the task of a public figure, particularly a prophet.

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