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Economy War and Policy of Countries

 The World Economic Forum (WEF) and the World Bank (WB) are development bodies conducting seminars, meetings, and conducting the media. They contribute to the development of society and the making of new laws affecting trade. The organization also supports countries’ citizens. Thus, besides providing technical assistance to countries and serving them, the bank as well as the corporation provides them with economic advice and advises them on conducting trade.

We developed a program with the purpose of establishing a multi-denomination real estate management company. As a result, from the first day of our program, we were able to inform the people what we are doing and we were able to create strong business relationships. We are able to determine the problem-solving techniques and discuss how we can assist our customers.

We have plans to establish a factory and a restaurant that will help us generate profit. According to the agreements and pricing of our products, this factory will be sold at the lowest prices, but our restaurant will be sold at the highest prices. This will allow us to earn a profit, therefore, strengthening the business.

Good leadership and leadership skills are necessary to make things go properly in the organization. Being able to lead means ensuring that effective administration should be in place, as well as ensuring the standards of business are fulfilled.

For us to become one of the biggest real estate companies in Malaysia, having standards of goods are necessary. Therefore, having these standards, we will strive to achieve these standards. For example, our products have to be healthy, fresh, and hygienic for our customers to benefit from our product. For instance, since we own a restaurant, we must provide great quality services that meet the customers’ needs.

For this purpose, we are thinking of starting a program for training our employees to ensure that we work effectively. Training will take place, and their instructions will be tailored for them to achieve their desired goals. Such training programs can help the top members of the company to deliver good services to their customers. Training, in this case, will help our leaders to demonstrate their skills to the young employees in the company. As a result, they will be able to realize the importance of training if their company is to be successful.

We are committed to building a long-term beneficial relationship with the people and with the country where we are located. Therefore, the fact that being a good leader is related to the working environment in our company is very necessary. Leadership should be practiced and maintained in the working environment, even if it does not concern how the management and employees collaborate.

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