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Definitely Lose Weight

That’s right. If you’re going to lose weight, you’re going to lose it. Don’t like to throw on jeans? If you’re a black girl, don’t worry. That’s the Black thing that you shouldn’t have to do. Not only, but you need to see Black like all of us Black models, actors, artists, and singers. Keep dreaming!

I’m always telling people, don’t go into your news and you’ll always end up wrong. One thing that I’ve never meant is that no man will lose more than 30 pounds. I’ve never meant that a woman will lose more than 30 pounds, period. If you’re done losing weight with your own body, don’t see anything in an Instagram post from someone else.

If you’re too comfortable from where you’re at in your life to continue losing weight, take this as a reminder: The fact that we’re all still around means that this is going to be too easy and we won’t work towards it. Is it really a good thing to have people say that you’re too fat? quite a lot the answer is sure! But you do not have to look that way. We’re blessed to be able to have a body that we love.

If you want to look good, wear clothes that you love. You don’t need to fit into the sizes and be ashamed of your body or not feel confident with it. You could be so much prettier if you decided to spend some time working out, losing weight, exercising more, taking supplements, starting a weight loss diet, etc. One way or another. So if you’re not doing it, then why do you even struggle? Because it’s so easy to do that is why.

I’m surprised with how many people are obese or not healthy. Am I a professional at taking nutrition classes? No. But I’m trying. Am I a professional at losing weight? Yes. Sometimes you don’t need your partner or someone else to change and you can help. If you’re sick and you’re not feeling good for no reason, go to a doctor right away.

You should definitely ask your doctor if you’re supposed to lose weight by how long you stay at the weight or stay at your current weight. And even if you do lose weight, you need to take it off again. If you will be able to manage your weight, make sure you stay on track. If you lose 1 pound, get back on track 1 pound later. Don’t have a feeling of finishing the weight loss process.

I’m going to say it once more. in case you’re lazy, you’re going to be lazy. If you’re lazy, that’s it. It’s time to not let people tell you what you need to do. The only things that matter are yourself and what you need to do to improve your weight.

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