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Coming Soon World War 3 (The war of button)

The war of button appears to have concluded with an all-out battle on behalf of Joe Biden.

What’s that? An all-out battle with the most important button in the world?

Of course, that can’t be right, can it? There had to be a technical glitch.

What’s worse, it seems that this was just one small move in a vast attempt to change the outcome of election 2020. Even before the votes were cast for president, many politicians, politicians, and media personalities were already on to the team Joe Biden.

While we waited for those unfortunate Mr. Trump supporters to rally behind the President something is clearly wrong with the vote counting. The votes are being counted the way they are supposed to be counted, but over a billion dollars worth of ads for his supporters are automatically put up.

The data definitely suggests a shift in favor of the President. There’s a 41% majority of the voting public who is voting for the President at the current hour. Out of that 41%, it’s unlikely that almost 58% of this support isn’t coming from the 51% who now support Biden.

If any other candidate came close to capturing such support, it certainly would not have been Biden. In fact, with just days left until the November 2nd election, we simply cannot afford to have the candidates fighting an election based solely on votes by mail.

We can’t stand in this direction.

Thankfully, there are a few steps we can take to limit this type of artificial placement of ads and direct mail mailers. While previous generations of media had a reputation for providing very convincing propaganda, we have always created a variety of marketing theories and advertisers that will steer our opinions, hopes, and needs.

Given that it will be a vote for the President, many advertising agencies will be looking for ads that target his most loyal supporters. They’ll be sending out ads based on his previous policy ideas to try to persuade you that he is your best bet for better leadership. We do not know this for sure, but we must assume that they will be forced to remain neutral as our votes officially shift.

We know, however, that the advertising agencies know better. They know how to better influence our opinions of candidates.

Media channels, people, and advertising agencies should work as a team to understand and regulate these variables in order to give us that list of candidates on November 2nd, if for no other reason than they have interests in their own, are already established business figures, or simply want to see the election outcome — including the implications of their expensive campaigns.

Therefore, it is already clear that the insurance industry will most likely be able to fund this type of push that Republicans are now using in their attempt to slow the democratic process down. It will not only continue to put its resources into an eventual ballot count, but even if we have all of those uncast votes, it would simply be a waste of taxpayer dollars on a push that won’t change the outcome of the election.

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