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US military equipment worth over $85 Billion falls into Taliban hands Bank’s remarks

As you know, the Taliban has taken the control of Kabul, (The capital of Afghanistan), they captured billions of dollars worth of U.S. military equipment that had belonged to the Afghan army and Afghan police.

The Republican congressman has warned in a speech in Washington that the Taliban has access to $85 billion worth of American military equipment. He said that the military equipment left behind due to the negligence of the administration includes 75,000 vehicles, over 200 airplanes, and helicopters and over 600,000 small arms and light weapons.

More than 85% of the world's black hawk helicopters are still in Afghanistan, the Congressman said. “If any of those American weapons are used against an American now or at any time in the future, the blood is on hands of US President,” Former US Navy reservist Jim Banks further added.

According to Jake Sullivan US National Security Advisor that We don’t have a complete picture, obviously, of where every article of defense material has gone. Unfortunately, a fair amount of it has fallen into the custody of the Taliban. And obviously, they aren't readily going to hand it over to us at the airport.

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