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American Muslims and War on Terror

In Earlier September, The New York Times Magazine posted a characteristic article profiling a former FBI agent who become imprisoned via way of means of the United States for exposing the rampant abuses inside the government’s home conflict on terror. In the piece, Terry Albury acknowledged the FBI’s systematic harassment and intimidation of American Muslims, its spying at the community, and its prosecution of lots of its contributors beneath neath the guise of combatting terrorism.

Upon becoming a member of the FBI rapidly after the assaults of September 11, 2001, Albury recalled, “It became made very clean from day one which the enemy became now no longer only a tiny organization of disaffected Muslims. Islam itself became the enemy.”Its uniquely candid and self-reflective tone notwithstanding, there has been little on this account that could come as a marvel to maximum American Muslims.

Twenty years on from the release of a struggle is that could region a whole minority populace below a cloud of suspicion, it's miles really well worth inspecting how the lives of American Muslims had been irrevocably transformed. As securitized subjects, they've existed on one of the many front strains with inside the international struggle is on terror, pressured to think again their identification and center values with inside the call of belonging.

Although anti-Muslim discrimination withinside the US has rooted that lengthy predate 9-11, the worldwide battle on terror ushered in an unheard-of generation of mass securitization of American Muslims that manifested in untold ways. US regulation enforcement groups quickly set approximately to uncover “sleeper cells” hiding withinside the community’s mosques and Islamic centers. By decreasing the moves of the 9-11 perpetrators right all the way down to their spiritual beliefs, all Muslims had been successfully pathologized as capability terrorists.

The home battle on terror could function as a dual-pronged attack on each Islam and Muslims. Led via way of means of alarmist media and self-serving policymakers, the religion itself changed into repackaged as a risky ideology. Not like the depictions of communism at the peak of the Cold War, Islam changed into portrayed as lurking in the back of each nook and posing a developing danger to the American manner of life, if left unchecked.

Islamic traditions, beliefs, and practices have been sloppily anatomized through an emergent elegance of self-proclaimed “terrorism experts”, speaking heads with questionable qualifications who coined flashy buzzwords like “Islamofascism” and warned that Sharia turned into little more than a pathway to Orwellian totalitarianism.

At the equal time, Muslims have become an increasing number of racialized classes subjected to styles of discrimination that paralleled the remedy of centered minorities all through US history. More than 80,000 Muslim immigrants have been referred to as in for wondering through federal marketers and required to join a country-wide registry. Tens of lots greater have been searched and interrogated at airports and averted from journey via the usage of no-fly lists. Simply sporting a headband or developing a beard made one suspect withinside the eyes of ever-vigilant police pressure and a hypersensitive public.

As American Muslims mirror upon the ache and loss persevered during the last 20 years, it's miles critical that the instructions of these reviews now no longer be forgotten nor ignored. Indeed, their survival as a religious network relies upon it.

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