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Real-life of Celebrity

We all have the innate need for attention, and in the case of music, visibility. This ability is the key to fame. If you're famous, you're rich.

Imagine that celebrities as a whole were not a part of culture anymore. Would it be okay?

For a while, I was used to being the first person to bring up the topic of billionaire or billionaire “not a billionaire” celebrities. To me that was an anomaly, with anyone or anything beyond that, there was rarely a star worth mentioning.

Part of this is due to Instagram, as each day more celebrities fall within the broader scope of a celebrity.

What’s interesting to me is the nonchalant way these individuals use their "minor" fame as a go-to perspective to become rich.

Imagine that no one else had used Instagram since you used Instagram. What would be the impact on people?

I'm sure many would've used Instagram the same and made millions after their "Instagram fame."

However, many would've also not understood, what-as-people, a scene would look like without the acknowledgment of a certain group of "famous", which I feel could lead to social disconnection and potentially violence in society.

The pressure to fit in and be cool.

This is what Chrishell Stause’s parents (and late husband) tried to channel in her when her face appeared in Piers Morgan's show. While they still had the option to continue seeing her face in other media content (including memes on the internet), the exposure of her face became an issue to them when wanting to agree on a new business venture.

Can’t stand your face!

"Their constant "ugh!" embarrassed commentary, as 'Instagram famous" young women come out of celebrities to reject her & say, "If I were that famous I would be that attractive so why do I look different?"

It is difficult to see a young girl who looks exactly like you and grow up without the envy of other girls watching how far you've come from being a child, even if you are trying to achieve the same status as you didn't have the same access to that well-protected opportunity.

What's interesting to me is the way different individuals were quickly labeled as a certain place or age, not to showcase their current-ness, but to reflect on someone who isn't "real" or on a time "trend" where someone shares a picture of a certain location.

So what do we (the audience) owe this special group of people we see, would we even know who they are?

What really is it to make this distinction?

What is it to be a celebrity?

Marilyn Monroe’s corset bikini, but the people doing the bikini modeling?

Is it a "shoot" or an endorsement for your product?

A certain region of the world is mostly populated by politically approved entertainment starlets.

It is confusing to say that someone goes on a run and they step out into the street and do not create any noticeable media?

These are questions that arise if you are new to the world of celebrity culture and if you don't know anyone who is famous.

So what are celebrities really?

The answer to these questions is blurred - I mean, whatever the answer to that question is isn't the truth.

But if a mother or father will place pressure on the child to come into the industry in order to be a part of it, a look into how this mother or father would create this social connection from not having the experience themselves...

It can be said that these parents believe in nothing if they may deem it as too good to be true.

It's a "whatever-is-not-good" concept that is often nowhere close to being "good" and is often a question that a parent seeks to answer in order to have "access" to the culture if they wish.

Everyone wants their kid to have access to the culture because of “getting in the culture”.

This is social proof.

Isn't the point of celebrities is, we can peer into their back pocket?

In the current consumer-based social format:

We should never see how one person looks in a "suit”.

Or the setup of social media.

The specific “parts of the social structure of technology” which create an entire performance apparatus, and just under the surface of our faces and our real selves is the assumption that the whole society performs the same way.

What about our narcissistic minds?

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