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Major fact about Area 51

People know and admire Area 51 but have never heard of the Alderwoster complexes.

Area 51 has been passed down from one generation to the next in the military. Two companies have worked on multiple military projects inside of this base which includes ARPA, large-scale strategic systems development, and NC4V to name but a few.

ARPA has done work in the defense industry for over 100 years. This includes the B-2 Silent Bomber and B-2A Raider. Only one B-2 drone has been tested for vulnerability testing. This has resulted in hundreds of samples that have been sent out of the west coast lab due to advancements in the training capability.

This is not all Alderwoster has to offer. Also, there are large and heavily protected research areas like Detachment One and labs and facilities. The NNSA is one of the largest agencies in the department of defense, and they are in charge of research and development. This is where the most highly classified research will be carried out and the main focus will be on new applications that the military can perform in the long run.

The primary purpose of a nuclear weapons lab like the NNSA is to protect and research any possible nuclear weapons programs. They are investing heavily in external projects like the study of nuclear fusion and the development of new fission technology. This testing of this technology is designed to develop a new bomb design that is more efficient. On the same note, new chemical and tactical tests will be performed inside of the NNSA.

The main area of focus at the NNSA is the nuclear facilities. The nuclear reactors and structural objectives include the testing of nuclear submittals as well as the testing of pressurized vessels that produce considerable amounts of fission energy. There are multiple burnout facilities and multiple demo cores that are used to demonstrate the nuclear bomb design.

The NRC conducts base-based laboratory shows and feasibility tests with the objective of carrying out external testing and studies. The bombs still have a long way to go before they’re tested, and unfortunately, this has caused delays and safety concerns. The only reports of accidents that occurred in 1998 involved accidentally purchased radioactively contaminated issues that were being disposed of by the town of Limerick. Three people were affected and were evacuated. At this time, the NNSA was building a long-term storage facility, and the radioactive contamination had to be covered.

The testing of the NRC’s own tests is based on its own personnel testing. They are receiving a yearly increase of information from the contractor regarding new or altered tests. This is why the supply is so unpredictable. On the other hand, the facility continues to progress and grow and often works in combination with other commands.

Many security agencies are also located inside the base. Some of these agencies include the CDC, the NIASC, and the USNI. These agencies are not only tasked with conducting research but also supporting on the regular basis. The NNSA has its own intelligence center or technical system that collects information regarding threats against the NNSA from external sources. Security outside of the base is substantial. While this allows them to create tension and maintain a military advantage, it does allow the enemies to track security forces and understand these movements. As a result, the threat level will continue to rise each year.

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